This dog is out at the sea with his owners when he gets a beautiful surprise from a dolphin and it is truly heartwarming

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When this dog decided to accompany his owner for a fishing trip in the middle of the sea, he never expected to be surprised by a sweet kiss from a dolphin.

We all know that dolphins are incredibly intelligent and adorable creatures but apparently, they are also quite playful!

While stories of dolphins swim up to boats and asking for a little pat on their heads, this dolphin went further when it saw two dogs in the boat.

One of the dogs later decided to lean over the edge of the boat to take a better view of the sea and that was when the dolphin swam up to the boat, jumped up and kissed the dog on the lips!

Like everyone else in a very surprising situation, the dog looked stunned after the adorable moment but it is very clear that the dolphin was quite enjoying the surprise kiss.

Dolphin jumping out of the water showing that it was happy.

Thankfully, the scene was caught on camera and now, the dog can cherish the heartwarming moment forever, knowing that he has made a friend with a cheeky dolphin.

Watch the cute moment the playful dolphin kissed the dog in this video here 

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