Dog Returned To Shelter 11 Times, Before Staff Realizes He’s Already Found His Forever Home

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In 2014, Gumby was brought to Charleston Animal Society (CAS), a no-kill shelter in South Carolina, as a stray. Shelter workers didn’t expect what would happen in the next year with this seemingly sweet dog. After attempts to find him a home, Gumby ended up back at CAS 11 times. Yes, I said that correctly… a shocking 11 times! The reason why is not what you’d expect!

Gumby, a beautiful hound-mix, had become a professional escape artist. No matter what precautions his new owners took, even after being warned of his Houdini-like talents, Gumby found his way back to the SAME animal shelter.

Several times, Gumby had managed to escape but was thankfully found by Good Samaritans who then dropped him off at CAS! Or he escaped from his home and his owners just couldn’t take it anymore so they brought him back to CAS. Whatever the case, it added up to 11 times… Gumby came back to where he started 11 times in one year.

December 6, 2015 was the last time the shelter attempted to place Gumby into a home. But, it didn’t last long. His new owner, desperate to make it work, said that Gumby escaped 3 times in a month! Each time, bursting through the screen door.

The message was finally clear: Gumby wasn’t running away, he was trying to get home!

Gumby felt most loved and most comfortable at the shelter. He had never tried to escape when he was at CAS. Not one time!

The staff also realized that Gumby had a talent for calming down frightened and anxious dogs at the shelter. Maybe he felt he had important work to do there…

Gumby, now completely at home at CAS, works alongside his favorite shelter workers during behavioral exercises. He also gets to play and snuggle with dozens of dogs every single day. He’s like the CAS doggy mayor! Or as they put it, their general manager!

Thankfully, the staff at CAS never gave up on Gumby because now he’s exactly where he wants to be and exactly where he belongs! He may not have the traditional type of home but he is very happy and very loved!

All photos courtesy of Charleston Animal Society, Facebook

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