Dog Rescued From A.buse Won’t Stop Facing Wall

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Angel, a Greyhound mix, was rescued from an a.busive pound in Ireland. She was terrified of people.

When rescuers brought her back to their organization, PAWS, they expected Angel to relax. Unfortunately, the traumatized dog was too scared to do anything but stare at the wall in their office.

YouTube/Inside Edition

Despite numerous efforts to make Angel feel comfortable, nobody could get through to the dog. They thought food might make her come out of her shell, but even that didn’t work. Angel only ate when nobody was around. Anytime anyone was around, all she did was face the wall.
angel resting

YouTube / Inside Edition

Eventually, rescuers knew they had to try something else. They went back to the pound where they got Angel and found another dog. They hoped his company would help Angel — and they were absolutely right.

cliff dog

YouTube / Inside Edition

As soon as the other dog, who they named Cliff, got to the organization’s office, Angel transformed. She immediately let her guard down. Because of their similar appearance and fondness for each other, rescuers guessed that Cliff was actually Angel’s brother!

Initially, rescuers thought it would take Angel a very long time to get over her trauma. Once Cliff was in the picture, though, she progressed much faster than anyone would have guessed.
angel family

YouTube / Inside Edition

Now, Angel lives with her forever family, and she’s absolutely thriving!

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