Dog Refuses To Have Her Nails Clipped. Dad Invents Contraption, Wins Over The Internet

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Most dogs do not enjoy getting their nails cut. Getting them to sit still long enough is a feat within itself. Getting them to sit still and calmly, and have ALL four feet messed with… forget about it. I think it would be easier to teach them how to sign the alphabet while standing on their heads. Seriously.

One dog owner, however, thought of a genius way to get his dog to surrender to the nail clippers and his teenage daughter, Kendal Peifer, couldn’t resist sharing the experience. She posted photos on Twitter and the response is exactly what you’d hope for ?

Kendal’s dad created the craziest contraption for their Boston Terrier pup. He bought a purse that would fit their dog’s entire body. Then, he cut holes in it to accommodate her head and legs, so her legs would dangle down.

Mr. Peifer then attached the purse with the dog inside to a chin-up bar on the top of the bedroom door. The result: Pure genius.

The photos were shared with the Twittersphere on February 10th, 2018, and in less than a week they have amassed over 80,000 retweets and 300,000 likes.

Then, Mr. Peifer, fitted with a head-lamp, went to work on his dog, hanging from a purse, from the workout bar. I just can’t ? ?

People had a lot to say about Mr. Peifer’s inventiveness:

They also couldn’t resist quoting the dog or putting her in a meme:

All kidding aside, Mr. Peifer’s clever invention attracted a lot of attention in a short amount of time. Lots of people are wanting to try this hanging-dog-nail-clipper-harness at home. Of course, it’s for little dogs only.

Kendal’s tweet is below. She even reached out to Ellen Degeneres about her dad’s genius and totally hilarious invention. I wonder if it’ll catch on…

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