Dog Is Paralyzed With Fear After Man Threw Her Over A Fence And Abandoned Her

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Tanya Vartaynian and her roommate, Ashley Steffen, were sleeping in their Fort Lauderdale home when their dog, Boomer, began barking uncontrollably around 4 in the morning.

When they went downstairs, they decided to look in the backyard to see what was going on. That’s when they spotted a petrified Pit Bull facing the wall.

Local 10 News

The gate was still closed, so they had no idea how she got in their backyard, but their surveillance camera footage later revealed exactly what happened.

It turns out that a man tossed the Pit Bull over their fence before walking away and abandoning her.

Tanya Vartanian/Facebook

“I cried immediately…It just seemed like she hit the ground so hard,” Steffen told Local 10 News.

They gave her food and water and are continuing to care for her, but the poor pup, now named Gorgonzola, is so nervous that she just hides in the bushes and refuses to move.

Tanya Vartanian/Facebook

Vartaynian posted the story on Facebook in the hopes that someone will have more information on this incident, and also find someone who would want to adopt Gorgonzola.

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