Dog Meet A Stray Cat for the First Time, and the Result is Infinite Cuteness

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Cat and dog encounters typically follow one of three patterns: instant suspicion followed by hatred; instant suspicion followed by slow, grudging tolerance; or instant suspicion followed by BFF status for life. Can you guess where these two end up?

Thomas O’Malley Flufferpants (absolutely fantastic name) is a stray cat who was rescued by this loving family. When they found him, the poor guy was in sorry shape, covered in fleas and missing patches of fur. This is his temporary home, until he is healthy enough to be adopted into a loving home. In the meantime, his rescuers thought it would be a good time for him to meet the other member of the family: Murkin.

Murkin is also a rescue tale. This shelter dog is a mutt, with a little pyrenees, labrador, golden retriever, and australian shepherd in him. He’s a gentle guy who’s very social and has had a friendly past with other kitties.

Fortunately this family knew how to properly introduce a new cat and dog. They knew Mr. Flufferpants (we can’t get enough of that name) was scared of dogs, so first the two got to get comfortable with each other at a distance. Then, introductions were made with the two at about 20 feet from each other, with treats and affection for the cat to let him know Murkin was a friend. After a month, the two got to meet for the first time.

And the results are just adorable. Mr. Flufferpants approaches warily from his bedroom (also known as the kitchen sink). Murkin stays still and calm the entire time, even when the cat comes right up to him. Then he nuzzles the cat gently, and you just know they’re going to be pals.

Not only do the two get along, but Murkin actually wards off his owner when she comes in for a pet! The verdict? BFFs for life!

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