Dog Makes His Displeasure Known, Gives Stink Eye To Family For Leaving Him At Vet’s

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Dogs can be the sweetest angels in the whole world, but they never fail to act dramatic on occasions when they are displeased. From sad sobs to stink eyes, they’ll do anything to show their displeasure

Source: TheLad/YouTube


In this video, we see a Boxer named Hannibal, who is livid at the thought of being stuck at the vet’s clinic. As Hannibal finds himself locked in his chamber, he realizes that he has been played. He cannot escape the ‘prison’, but he can definitely shoot some stink eyes for this betrayal.

Before we know it, Hannibal is burning down the room with his piercing glares. He maintains a stoic pose as he gives some hilarious side eyes without blinking. Hannibal lives up to his name, as you can almost feel his judgmental stares chewing you down!

Source: TheLad/YouTube


We’re not sure if Hannibal unleashed his wrath with any tantrums once he was let out. Let’s just say his owner had to do some serious apologizing with treats and cuddles to make up for Hannibal’s troublesome time. Or is Hannibal still holding a grudge? We’ll never know!

Click the video below to watch Hannibal hilariously throwing some serious stink eye at his owner for leaving him at the vet’s!

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