Dog Was Lost In Mountains For 62 Days – Endured Freezing Temps & 100 Mph Winds

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The Twer family, of Charlotte, North Carolina, was hiking at Moses Cone Park in January, when their beloved dog ran off.

The one-year-old Golden Retriever mix, named Delilah, got spooked, pulled from her leash, ran as fast and as far away as she could.

Paige Gettinger Twer/Facebook

The family immediately went after her and even had an army of other hikers along the path looking for her for hours, but to no avail.

Once it got dark, the Twer family had a harsh realization that their pup was gone and that they had to head home. But instead of going back to Charlotte, the family decided to stay in Boone a few more nights to look for Delilah.

Paige Gettinger Twer/Facebook

They woke up early the next morning to search for her, and even met a woman named Jessica who had already been looking.

A week went by, and still no signs of Delilah.

While the family was back in Charlotte, Paige Twer went back to the Blowing Rock area quite often to continue the search. Some nights she only went home long enough to tuck her kids into bed.

Paige Gettinger Twer/Facebook

At this point, they began to lose hope that they’d ever see Delilah again, but they still refused to stop looking.

The woman Jessica, along with Nancy and Virginia, started a GoFundMe account and a Facebook page called ‘Find Delilah.’ They were such a big part of this search, and Paige referred to them as her angels.

They also got help from a professional dog tracker and trapper, Michelle, from EPIC Animal Recovery.


There had finally been several sightings of Delilah, and the three women began to notice a pattern in her daily routine. She was often seen hanging around a property with abandoned houses.

This gave them the idea to leave food, like steaks and bacon, in the abandoned homes, in the hopes of trapping her there. They also put surveillance cameras around the property so they could track where she went.


When they got a closer look at Delilah, they noticed that her front leg was severely injured, perhaps from a lurking coyote. They knew time was running out and that Delilah not only needed to be caught, but she needed medical attention as well.

Eventually, Michelle was able to trap Delilah in a room of one of the abandoned houses.

Spay Neuter Clinic of the Carolinas/Facebook

Two whole months after Delilah had run away, she was finally safe.

The Twer family woke up to endless texts and calls and were shocked to hear the good news. They immediately drove to Boone to reunite with their pup at the animal hospital.

Delilah was asleep but awoke to the sound of their voices. She immediately jumped up and began showering them with slobbery kisses.

Paige Gettinger Twer/Facebook

Delilah is now back at home, recovering with a cast on her leg.

Paige is forever grateful for the women who helped her family find Delilah.

“We have said thank you, we have told them we are eternally grateful. I don’t believe that without Jessica and Nancy and Virginia and Michelle, I don’t think that she would be here,” she told WCNC. “And I don’t think that she would ever be here.”


What makes Delilah’s survival in the mountains for two months even more incredible is the severely cold weather that she endured. While she was wandering Grandfather mountain, it reached record low temperatures and wind gusts of more than 100 mph!

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