Dog Was Locked In Cage In 131 Degrees Heat, D.ies A Painful D.eath From Heatstroke

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A dog named Damoo was found d.ead in his Tampa home inside the cage he was kept locked in. The crate was kept outside in direct sunlight and had heated up to 131 degrees (Fahrenheit). Hillsborough County Animal Services found 2 other dogs stuffed in a closet inside the home, where temperature clocked in at 126 degrees.

Source: @JSalomoneTV/Twitter


Damoo’s temperature was unreadable as it went beyond the thermometer’s upper-limit. He was kept without access to food or water. Fiona and Texas, the other dogs found in the closet, were rescued just in time and are now doing better.

Mallory Offner, Chief Veterinarian at Pet Resource Center, has warned families to avoid being neglectful and avoid letting a dog outside between 11 AM and 4 PM when the sun is at its peak. Meanwhile, police are looking for Damoo’s owner, Ronell Nedd Jr., for a case of animal c.ruelty.

Source: ABC Action News/YouTube


Update: Ronell was recently caught and sent to jail for aggravated c.ruelty to animals and unlawful confinement of animals. He was released on bond, and claims that Damoo’s death was an accident. His family believes some workers locked the dog outside and called the police. We hope further investigations bring the truth to light.

Click the video below to watch a detailed report on how Damoo d.ied of a heatstroke.

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