Dog Has Been Living In The Dirt Ever Since His Family Moved And Left Him Behind

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For one dog in California, the concept of being a part of a family was sadly abandoned– along with him when his owners moved away and decided to leave him behind. A sweet Labrador, named Larry, was forced to live on the streets, like his life truly didn’t matter. But Larry’s story was far from over.

via Love LEO Rescue

Larry was found living across the street from his old house in a car park, all alone, by a delivery driver who would pass by every day for work.

The driver continued to see Larry looking hungry and desperate so he finally decided to take his photo and post it on social media, hoping someone could help him. The driver pleaded with the public for help because he himself could not bring Larry home.

The driver wrote:

“It breaks my heart and I wish I could help him but my situation simply will not allow me to bring him home. I’m going to post pictures of him daily as he is until someone with the heart and position to give him a loving home.”



The page quickly went viral and the foster-based rescue, Love LEO Rescue, decided to step in. Sasha Abelson, the president of the rescue told The Dodo:

“As soon as we saw [the posts] we said, ‘Just get the dog to us, we’ll take care of the rest”

Once the rescue picked Larry up, they could see that he wasn’t just hungry and alone. There was more to his story. The vet checked him out and confirmed their suspicions. Larry suffers from Cushing’s Disease.

In dogs, Cushing’s Disease can cause weight gain, hair loss, abdominal swelling, and increased thirst and urination. The list sadly goes on. The disease must be treated and it can get costly– around $200 a month.


The rescue insists that any potential adopter must factor this expense in. He has had two potential adopters change their minds because of Larry’s condition which is far from fair. The rescue wrote:

“He deserves better than that… he’s a kind and gentle dog who really deserves a forever home to call his own. Please consider adding him to your family. He has been through so much and wants to spend his golden years being loved and adored.”


Larry deserves his happily ever after. He desperately needs a family who will NEVER give up on him again. If you live in the Los Angeles area or know someone who does and can give Larry the home he deserves, please contact Love LEO Rescue.

And don’t forget to share Larry’s story so he finds a home soon!

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