Dog Left In Pool Of Her Own Blood By Dog Walker Hired Through Popular Service

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Kimberly Schwab, of Oakland, California, says her dog, Squishy, was left in a pool of her own blood after she hired a dog walker through the popular dog walking service, “Wag!”

Schwab found blood all over the fence outside that leads into her house, which led her to believe that her two-year-old Sharpei/Pit Bull mix was injured while on her walk with the Wag! dog walker.


The side of her dog’s face was scraped and bloody and her jowl was torn, which required 50 stitches. She is now recovering.

The dog was left injured and alone for five hours and Schwab was never notified by the dog walker of the incident.


Wag! Has immediately suspended the dog walker while they investigate the incident further.

“We’ll be working with the pet parent to help ensure her dog has the appropriate care necessary for a swift recovery,” Wag! said in a statement to ABC 7 News. “We take the health and safety of the dogs on the Wag! platform very seriously.”


Schwab adopted Squishy from The Perfect Dog Rescue, an organization dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned dogs from over-crowded shelters.

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