Dog Inspires His Owner To Save The ‘Unadoptables’ And Give Them The Best Life

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The knowledge that we as human beings will likely outlive our pets is one of the many reasons we should cherish them every single day. Steve Greig knows all about that. When his dog, Wolfgang, passed away, Greig decided to honor his memory in the most touching way.

Source: Instagram/Wolfgang2242

The Colorado accountant told The Huffington Post, “If when a pet dies you allow another one to live in their place, it is incredibly powerful. You have both honored your fallen pet’s life and given dignity to another that probably wouldn’t have had that opportunity.”

Source: Instagram/Wolfgang2242

At the animal shelter, Greig wanted the oldest and least adoptable dog there. A 12-year-old Chihuahua with knee problems and a heart murmur left the shelter that day with grief-striken man. He didn’t stop there.

He opened his home and his heart to eight senior dogs, two cats, ducks, chickens, and a pot-bellied pig, and he’s still going. His Instagram account is exploding with love and followers, as you can imagine.

Source: Instagram/Wolfgang2242

These days, his home in Denver is a potpourri of misfit animals who found their second chance and forever home. What an inspiration to adopt a senior pet or two!

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