Dog Hops Up To Piano And Begins To Play, Mom Can’t Get Over Priceless Performance

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Sadie the German Shepherd-Border Collie mix loves to play the piano. That’s right, a piano playing dog who has manners, admits her mistakes, and even knows how to turn the piano on! Her mom can’t get enough of her darling doggo’s talents, so she taped it for the entire Internet to enjoy.

Source: YouTube

The talented dog sits down on the piano bench and her mom instructs her to turn the piano on. Right on cue, the well-mannered Sadie gets the party started. She even has great posture and sits pretty on the piano stool. Once it is turned on, she places her paws ever so gently on the keys and makes musical magic.

Source: YouTube

Just like a true musical genius, Sadie turns her head to look at her mom as if to say, “Am I in the right key?” Oops, she hits a few wrong notes, so she covers her face with her paw as if she is embarrassed. At this point, we can’t stop laughing and her mom must be doing her best to hold it together, too.

Source: YouTube

Like a professional, Sadie takes a final bow at the end of her performance. We wonder what she does for an encore? Perhaps a rousing rendition of “Who Let the Dogs Out?”

Source: YouTube

Watch this prodigy pooch in action in the video below.

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