Dog Hit By Car While In Labor Survives, Incredibly Gives Birth To Healthy Puppy

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A stray pregnant Chihuahua, now named Xena, sadly wound up getting hit by a car while she was in labor.

Thankfully, she survived and was rushed to the Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic in Ohio, where she had to have her leg amputated due to injuries from the accident.

Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue/Facebook

Xena wound up giving birth to a puppy through an emergency C-section because he was too large for regular delivery. The puppy, named Atlas Marvel is amazingly healthy and unharmed from the hit.

The two of them have been recovering at Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue, where they are being well-taken care of.

Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue

The rescue has posted updates on their Facebook page, one in which the caption reads:

“It is so wonderful to see that both are doing amazing! This is one heck of a miracle. This mama is a warrior and so is her baby. To have survived being on the streets, run over, in labor with a puppy that was too big to come out and then a c-section and leg amputation while in shock! They are little miracles!”

Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue/Facebook

Little miracles indeed!

The two of them are now headed to live with a foster to heal and are both doing very well. Atlas is eating like a champ, and Xena is such a great mama!

Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue

Both of them will eventually be available for adoption once they are ready.

Check Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue’s Facebook page for regular updates.

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