Dog Hears Her Favorite Song “Wiggle Wiggle”, And She Just Can’t Control Herself

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When Jason Derulo released his song titled “Wiggle”, we doubt he imagined animals would find the song just as fun as humans do. But the Boxer in this video, named Zoey, seems to love this song, and loses control of her butt whenever it comes on.

YouTube/AQUA DOG 2018

As the video starts rolling, and the song “Wiggle” starts playing, we see Zoey begin to lightly tap her paws and give her butt the slightest of shakes. You can clearly see she’s warming up for her favorite part of the song, the chorus.

Just as the chorus begins, and the line “You know what to do with that big fat butt” kicks in, so do her amazing dance moves! She gets her butt into the picture and starts wiggling it right on tune! How cute!

YouTube/AQUA DOG 2018

It’s true animals enjoy music, but this cute dog takes it to a whole other level! We can’t wait to see if she dances to any other songs. Macarena, anyone?

Click the video to watch Zoey wiggle her butt to her favorite song!

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