Dog Groomer Transforms Poodle Into Polar Bear In Hot New Trend

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“Wow, look at that polar bear going for a walk,” is something Missouri dog groomer, Rachelle Lynn McGinnis is likely to hear people say aloud. Her 12-year-old Poodle is the subject of McGinnis’ grooming transformation sessions.

In her many extreme makeovers on dogs, the woman admits that she has transformed many dogs into many different species of animals. Her Poodle, Bijou, has been groomed to look like a horse, peacock, and even a dragon.

Source: K-9 Design/Facebook

The latest in her series of grooming escapades is a polar bear version of the Poodle.

In an article for the Daily Mail UK, McGinnis stated, “To actually style it, the final part only takes about 30 minutes, but to grow her fur to look like a polar bear took 11 months. When I first cut the fur into the right shapes it took a couple of hours but I always do it in stages.”

Source: K-9 Design/Facebook

It took Bijou 11 months to grow out the polar bear look. People stop and look at her creations, taking pictures, and even getting out of their cars to inspect.

Source: K-9 Design/Facebook

On social media, she admits the reaction has been great, she says. Since Bijou is color blind, the woman admits the dog doesn’t care.


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