Dog Gets A Shot Without Any Fussing, Her Stoic Pose Makes Her A Viral Hero

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For ages, pets have been fighting a long-standing battle against vet visits and needles. Just the mention of the dreaded place is enough for them to freak out– which includes sulking, whining, and other tricks of deception.

Source: RM Videos/YouTube


We don’t blame these poor babies though. Those intimidating syringes that are used to give shots can scare the life out of any gentle soul (including humans!). But for the brave Labrador in this video, a syringe is just another enemy that she must fight with a stoic face.

As the vet begins to administer the shot, the Lab braces herself for the incoming pain and sits upright in a stoic posture. She doesn’t flinch one bit even as the needle pierces her skin. At this moment, you can see it in her nervous puppy-eyes that she is one brave and proud doggo!

Source: RM Videos/YouTube


Like a true queen, the Black Lab weathers the pain without losing an ounce of her dignity. Now, that the worst is over, the vet kisses the steel-hearted soldier for being such a calm and good girl! She reminds us that we can always be braver than we think we’re capable of!

Click the video to watch the adorable Labrador put on a calm, brave face while getting a dreaded shot!

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