Dog Gets Saved From Basement, Sees The Outdoors For The First Time

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It’s common knowledge that puppy mills do terrible things to animals. But this story of their abuse of dogs is even more shocking than usual.

It all started recently when The Humane Society of the United States was tipped off about dogs living in squalid conditions in North Carolina.

Eventually, the volunteers were finally able to track down the place where the mill was breeding puppies.

They were able to gain access and were disgusted at what they found.

130 animals were being kept locked in tiny, dirty cages in a dark basement. They were being bred over and over.

In all, the dogs in the basement were being nothing short of tortured every single day.

Luckily, The Humane Society was able to get them all out and into well-maintained shelters where they were properly looked after until adopters could be found.

But to really understand the hell that the animals were going through, consider the experience of this one dog.

Her name is B.B. She had spent her entire life in that North Carolina basement.

She looks almost like a cute little lamb. But you can see how much she hated being in that horrible, dirty cage.

The rescuers lifted the dog up and took her out of the basement for the first time ever.

B.B. was amazed at what she saw. The sun shone out and the green grass stretched as far as she could see. But it was also difficult. The intense brightness of the sun caused her to squint for a very long time.

This sight sounds pretty mundane, but for a dog who had been trapped underground for years, it was amazing.

But B.B couldn’t know that this was just the start of a fantastic new life.

However, recovering from the basement wasn’t easy. She was taken to the shelter.

The dog was exhausted when she arrived.

For the first week and a half, the dog mostly just slept, slowly gaining her strength back.

Even though most dogs would not like to stay in a shelter kennel for too long, for B.B. it was the greatest thing in the world. She’d never had so much space to herself.

Also, none of the people here were hurting her. They would reach down and pet her kindly. They’d also give her lots of delicious food.

B.B. was starting to think that the shelter must be some kind of heaven. But it was about to get even better.

A lady called Brenda came to the shelter one day. She saw B.B and was worried about her weight. The volunteers explained that until recently, she had been even thinner.

Brenda then heard all about B.B.’s past. She decided right then and there that she had to have this dog.

At first, B.B. was scared. Was this woman taking her back to the basement?

But when she saw Brenda’s home, she was happier than ever. There was more space for her here than ever! There was even a huge backyard to play in.

On top of all this, there was another dog at the home. This other dog was friendly to the new arrival and made her feel as welcome as her new mommy.

And Brenda has made sure that B.B. is the most spoiled dog in the world. She has hundreds of toys and gets plenty of food.

B.B. acts completely differently from the thin, scared dog that came to the shelter all those months ago!

Hopefully, all of the dogs that were rescued will get to enjoy this kind of life!

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