Dog Found Tied To A Tree With Severe Burns Reunites With The Vet Who Helped Save His Life

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Smokey was found chained to a tree in West Palm Beach, Florida. He was living in a homeless camp where a fire had erupted. It’s unclear of the exact circumstances but Smokey was in terrible shape. He had severe burns covering his body.

Rescuers acted quickly and cut the chain, then rushed him to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue where they examined him. They concluded he would need extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.

It was evident immediately that this dog had the heart of a warrior! He wasn’t very trusting of humans but he showed appreciation in his own special way.

Smokey was then transferred to Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center (JPESC) where he could receive specialized care – multiple blood transfusions, daily medicated baths, bandage changes and sessions in a hyperbaric chamber that would reduce both swelling and pain.

In just a few weeks, Smokey was already improving drastically. Dr. Latimer and the incredible medical staff at JPESC had worked around the clock to make sure Smokey survived and thrived! They managed his pain and provided a loving environment so he could begin to come out of his shell and trust humans again.

He still has a long way to go, but he’s certainly getting there! Each day, Smokey warmed up more and more to his new friends.

Look at Smokey and Dr. Latimer having a moment! Isn’t it precious?

Before long, Smokey was healthy enough to go to a new home. But he thought about his family at JPESC every day!

Smokey went back for a check-up and when he sees the staff, he can’t contain his appreciation! He’s so happy to see the techs that took care of him in his time of need. But then he sees Dr. Latimer! The man who led his recovery!

Their reunion is so precious, so heartwarming, your entire body will be smiling when you see them together again.

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