Dog Food Arrives After Dogs P.ass A.way – Man Asks For Refund, Gets Email Explanation In Reply

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Losing a dog is never easy, in fact, it’s the worst feeling in the world…until you lose two dogs all at once.

That is exactly what happened to one couple who lost not one but two of their beloved dogs just a couple of weeks before Christmas in 2017.

While it’s enough that these heartbroken people had to mourn the loss of half their family unit in a single weekend, right before what’s supposed to be the cheeriest holiday of the year, the punches didn’t stop rolling in.

Shortly after losing their furbabies, the couple received a shipment from their favorite online dog food retailer,, and a fresh wave of loss and sadness swept over them.

Source: Facebook/Laura Waltenburg

Can you imagine how it would feel to be grieving over the death of your two best friends only to turn around and receive a shipment of their favorite food a few days later? It would be absolutely heart-wrenching.

Still, it wasn’t the company’s fault because they had no way of knowing. There was only one thing left to do.

The father of the two late, great doggies decided he’d better contact Chewy to cancel any future orders and to see if they could possibly return the expensive brand food the vet had his babies on for a refund, less the amount that Chewy paid to ship it, of course.

When they reached out to Chewy regarding the death of their dogs, they were only hoping for some basic customer service. What they got in return for their phone call, though, meant so much more.

Source: Facebook/Laura Waltenburg

When the couple contacted Chewy to inform them their dogs had passed and to request to return their dog food, they were blown away by the giant online corporation’s response.

Often times, corporations don’t tend to care about even their best customers and only have their bottom line in mind when dealing with one.

Chewy couldn’t be any more different than that type of business model though, and they really proved it to these suffering doggy parents.

Their response was so compassionate that it moved the couple’s sister, Laura Waltenburg (above) to share the story on social media.

Source: Facebook/Laura Waltenburg

Not only would Chewy give the couple a full refund that would show up in their account within 3 business days, but they also refused to let the grieving parents return the food to them. Instead, they urged the couple to donate the food to a local dog shelter so that another four-legged friend might enjoy it.

“My sister and brother-in-law tragically lost both of their dogs this past weekend. After this happened, they received two 40-pound bags of dog food that they had ordered from the Chewy company. My brother-in-law sent them an email requesting permission to send the dog food back for a refund, minus the shipping cost. They responded with unbelievable kindness! They credited their credit card for the full purchase price; and asked them to donate the dog food to a local shelter.”

The kindness of this animal-loving company didn’t stop with the refund and condolences, either.

Chewy sent a follow-up request for a photograph of the dogs to put in their memorial pet book…yes, Chewy has a memorial book to honor customer pets that have crossed the rainbow bridge.


Then, later that week, the amazing company sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the brokenhearted couple!

“They sent a second email requesting a picture of one of the dogs to put in their memorial book, to honor her. And then today, my sister and brother-in-law received these beautiful flowers from Chewy. I wish I could tell everybody this story… This is an incredible company!”

Not only has this caring corporation warmed the hearts of the couple who lost their two dogs, but come to find out, they are known for their heartfelt kindness to people who are grieving for their pets.

Source: Facebook/Jana Lynn

As soon as Waltenburg hit post the comments started rolling in, with several people sharing their experience with this progressive pet food company.

One commenter, in particular, Jana Lynn, shared the story behind a painting Chewy had sent to her after her dog lost her long-time struggle with cancer.

“Chewy followed my baby girl Joy through struggles of overcoming back leg paralysis and fighting off 4 forms of cancer. When she lost her 4 year battle they sent me her beautiful face on a canvas. I cry routinely gazing at it still, one year later. They are beyond measure”

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Source: Facebook/Laurie Verespie Faustine

This company is so in love with the pets that prefer them, that they even sometimes send gifts for no reason!

Facebook user Laurie commented with a picture that Chewy sent her of her living dog for no real reason! The note read:

“We hope you and your furbaby enjoy the portrait! Remember, we’re here 24/7 Give us a call anytime! We would love to hear from you. The Chewy Family”

With attention to detail like that and the sheer thoughtfulness that Chewy displays as a company, it’s no wonder they’re the number one online retailer for pet supplies.

The world is a much brighter place with corporations like Chewy in it!

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