Dog Finds Tiny Unconscious Bird, Tries To Rescue Him All By Himself

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Dogs are amazing, wonderful creatures. They’re so in tune with their surroundings. Their senses place them in a category of their own. Some dogs can smell cancer, sense a seizure coming before it happens, detect low blood sugar… and the list goes on and on. Dogs may just be the most sensitive animal on the planet. Have your doubts? Then read this!

A Jack Russel named Diamond, from Iceland, was home with his dad Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson. Gunnar was working when Diamond came in from their balcony. He whined a bit and then walked back out again. Gunnar shrugged it off, then went back to work. But Diamond wouldn’t be ignored! He came back again, whined louder, and then proceeded to lead his human to a tiny creature that needed their help.

Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson/The Dodo

Diamond found a lifeless bird on the balcony. Diamond wanted Gunnar to do what he couldn’t do with his own paws: pick the bird up and help the bird out. But Gunnar thought the bird, sadly, was dead UNTIL he saw a little blink of an eye.


Gunnar scooped the bird up and the tiny bird fluttered to life! Now Diamond and Gunnar were on a mission to save this bird together! They brought the bird inside to rest. Gunnar explained to The Dodo: “I gave him some water and some birdseed I had. After an hour or so, I was going to set him free, but wanted to take some pictures first, so I put it in my open palm and took some snaps. Then he flew a big circle in my living room and landed back … right on top of Diamond’s head!”

Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson/The Dodo

The tiny bird understood he had a furry little hero, and wanted to thank him. After a warm-up flight around the room, the bird returned to give the hero dog some much-deserved kisses.

Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson/The Dodo

Gunnar felt the bird earned the right to have his own special name so he named him Bíbí.

Later on that day, Gunnar tried to release the bird back into the wild from the balcony, but Bíbí didn’t budge. He wasn’t ready to leave his new friends just yet so Gunnar made him a makeshift cage so he could stay overnight with someone very special guarding him.

Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson/The Dodo

The next day they tried to release the bird again. He was disoriented at first, but the tiny bird got the hang of it. He flew high above them, telling his heroes, in his own way, that he was okay, thanks to them.

No one knows if the little bird will remember Diamond and Gunnar — but when Gunnar mentioned the bird’s name a few days later to Diamond, he ran to the sofa and jumped up so he could see the sky. Diamond won’t forget about Bíbí, that’s for sure!

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