Dog Is Euthanized After She Was S.tolen From Home And Severely B.urned With Acid

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Hannah Marriot, of Northern Ireland, immediately called police when she discovered a Staffordshire Bull Terrier covered in b.urns.

The dog, named Patch, had suffered from a severe acid attack after being lured away from her home.

Her skin was peeling off, her flesh was burned, and her tongue had been ulcerated from licking the acid off her body.

Doggy 911 Rescue/Facebook

She was rushed to Newry Veterinary Center for treatment, and stunned the vets.

Dr. Liam Fitzsimons, who cried when he first saw Patch, told the BBC that this was the worst case of animal cruelty he has seen in thirty years of working as a vet.

Unfortunately, Patch’s injuries were so bad that the only humane option was euthanasia.

Doggy 911 Rescue/Facebook

Dr. Fitzsimons, along with Pets Lost and Found Northern Ireland, Doggy 911 Rescue South Down, and the rest of the community, are urging anyone with information on this case to contact the Police Service of Northern Ireland immediately.

“To the low life thug that has committed this kind of cruelty against an animal I hope you can sleep tonight knowing that a family have been left deeply shocked and devastated that their beloved pet dog has been taken from their lives due to some evil ******* has committed against innocent patch,” Doggy 911 Rescue wrote on Facebook.

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