Dog dumped on street waited in same spot for weeks for his family to return

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Sadly, Pepe is just one of many dogs who ended up getting abandoned on the streets by owners who don’t want them anymore.

He waited in the same area for weeks, hoping his family would return for him, but they never did.

When people in the community spotted him wandering the area, they called Hope For Paws for help.

Hope For Paws/Youtube

This rescue would prove to be tricky, since it was near a busy street. Pepe was already timid as it was, and they had to be careful not to scare him into traffic.

He was willing to take food from rescuers, but evaded them as they got closer to him. They knew the smartest and safest way to catch him would be to use a humane trap. Luckily, it worked!

Hope For Paws/Youtube

Pepe was terrified, but rescuers kept petting the trap to let him know that they were there to help him. From there, they brought him to the hospital, where he received some much-needed TLC.

Hope For Paws/Youtube

Underneath all of the matting and filth was an adorable, sweet little dog. Once Pepe was feeling better physically, he proved just how gentle he really was. He was so happy and relieved to finally be off the streets.

Hope For Paws/Youtube

He got a bath and was groomed and came out looking like a brand new dog. He was then put into a foster home with Hope Ranch Animal Sanctuary before eventually finding a loving forever home!

Eldad Hagar/Flickr

Watch his rescue and transformation below:

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