Dog discovered under horrifying conditions miraculously survives monstrous a.buse

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It’s difficult to understand the a.buse and suffering some humans are willing to inflict upon innocent creatures. When this dog was discovered under horrifying conditions, it was a miracle she was even alive.

This sweet Shih Tzu was discovered wrapped in a plastic garbage bag, tossed aside on the street. Thankfully, the two people that spotted her immediately brought her into the shelter run by Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) in Virginia.

The condition she was in was simply awful; she was missing her hair, had multiple infections, and was completely malnourished. It incredible she was able to survive in that state.

Source: Little Paws / YouTube

The Good Samaritans said they discovered her cowering in the trash behind an old church in Richmond, Virginia.

Source: Little Paws / YouTube

Thankfully, the kind staff of the shelter was prepared to give her everything she needed to get on her feet (and hopefully that would include justice for the a.buse and neglect she was shown).

Source: Little Paws / YouTube

They named her Annabelle and began treating her for her skin infection, an upper respiratory infection, conjunctivitis infections in her eyes and severe dental issues.

Staff members joked that the little girl looked like a bald walrus — but they were serious about saving her life!

Source: Little Paws / YouTube

It was apparent that Annabelle had going without medical care for years. All of her conditions seemed to be chronic and would not resolve on their own.

Source: Little Paws / YouTube

But, despite everything she had been through, Annabelle was an incredibly sweet dog. Every cuddle, kiss, and treat shared with her was a gift the little dog appreciated and loved with her whole heart.

Staff members loved her so much, they even broke a few rules and shared some “people food” with her at meal times. After all, she needed to put on some weight!

Source: Little Paws / YouTube

Staff members are the shelter estimated that the possible Shih-Tzu/Pekingese mix was 5-years-old. With how curious and sweet she is, though, you’d think she was just a young pup!

She loved going on walks and making new friends. The world was a gift to Annabelle — and she knew it.

Source: Little Paws / YouTube

The pup wasn’t afraid of any new experience, which was incredible given the a.buse she had to experience throughout her life.

Source: Little Paws / YouTube

Not long after the RACC got Annabelle on her feet, she found her new family! A kind woman by the name of Bridgette Magne decided to welcome Annabelle into her home and the pair hit it off right away.

Bridgette has another dog in the family who was more than happy to take Annabelle under his wing. He taught her all there is to know about lounging around, looking cute, and living the life of a lap dog!

Source: Little Paws / YouTube

The RACC was responsible for helping Annabelle get better, but they were still investigating the circumstances surrounding her discovery. If the monster that was responsible for her terrible condition could be found, the authorities would bring them to justice.

More importantly — it took some time (and lots of TLC), but Annabelle has completely transformed!

Source: Little Paws / YouTube

The “bald walrus” suffering from multiple infections doesn’t look anything like Annabelle as she is now. She has all of her fur and is completely healthy.

You wouldn’t think that this dog was found, suffering, in the trash.

Source: Little Paws / YouTube

Even if Annabelle’s a.busers are never found, we are thankful that Good Samaritans, the RACC, and Bridgette stepped up and saved this pup’s life. Without human help, she would have died, scared and alone in the trash.

It’s horrifying that any person could choose to treat an animal in such a way, but thankfully, the rest of her days will be spend in a happy home full of love!

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