Dog Cheats Death– Clings To Rock In The Sea, Survives Deadly Greek Blaze

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The devastating fire in Attiki, Greece that has killed at least 91 people and injured more than 170, left many animals without homes– and many animal owners looking for their pets.

One dog, however, became a symbol of hope. Lua, the dog in the photo below, climbed on top of a lonely rock in the sea off Mati and remained there until she could be rescued. The photograph, both incredible and inspirational, quickly went viral.

StreetDogs In Volos-Greece/Facebook

Lua lay there, obviously scared, blackened by the smoke. She was separated from her owners while the family ran for safety, away from the flames. Rescue groups came together and worked nonstop to reunite Lua with her family.

Daily News Hungary

In an otherwise heartbreaking event, Lua’s survival and eventual reunion with her family is the beacon of hope many needed. Her owners believed she was dead and seeing her again, alive and well, was the miracle they desperately prayed for.

StreetDogs In Volos-Greece/Facebook

Their home is destroyed but their family is safe, four-legged and all. Our prayers are with Greece and all the families and loved ones affected by this tragedy.

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