Dog On Chains His Whole Life Sees Ocean With Reaction That Goes Viral

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Herschel, a German Shepherd, did not have a promising start in life. He was chained to a pole for 5 years and was neglected by his uncaring owners. Eventually, he was abandoned and left to die.

YouTube/Rocky Kanaka


When Herschel was finally rescued, he was so excited that he could barely hold himself back. At the shelter, he soon blossomed into a happy, bubbly pooch, who had an abundance of love to give. But his excitement was often taken for aggression, and he ended up getting rejected often.

When Rocky Kanaka and his “Dogs Day Out” program heard about Herschel, they knew the poor dog deserved to see the world, and not stay sealed in a tiny, caged kennel. So, they volunteered to take Herschel out on his first trip to the ocean.

YouTube/Rocky Kanaka


In this video, we watch as Herschel sees the ocean for the first time. His excitement is too much to contain, as he finally runs free. He leaps up and down in the water, biting at the huge waves. In that moment, we truly see how much Herschel wanted to live a full life!

YouTube/Rocky Kanaka


Herschel absorbed every inch of the scenery of his day-out, and he savored the sweet taste of freedom for the first time. Luckily, a family fell in love with the lively Herschel, and decided to bring him home. We hope that he goes on many more adventures with his new family!

Click the video below to watch Herschel cry joyfully at the first sight of the ocean!

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