Dog chained up for 6 years gets his first night of freedom – & it’s pure bliss

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For six long years, Cooper was chained up outside and denied any ounce of freedom.

Since he lived outside, he suffered from a bad flea infestation that was left untreated, which caused him to start losing his fur.


Being chained up was all Cooper ever knew, but he was extremely lonely and still craved companionship.

PETA fieldworkers would often visit him to feed him and give him water. These couple minutes each visit made Cooper’s day. He always greeted them with a wagging tail and lots of kisses.


Although he was suffering at the hands of a human, he still had trust for other humans and loved everyone who came to see him.

Eventually, PETA was able to get him out of that awful circumstance and brought him to their shelter, where he spent several nights.


From there, he was transferred to the Virginia Beach SPCA. Soon after, a woman visited the shelter and his cage was one of the first she saw. As soon as she saw him, she knew she had to adopt him.

She promised him that she would get him healthy again and help his hair grow back the way it should be.


He even has a new doggy sibling, Jessie, who he loves to play with. His days confined to dirt on a short chain are long over. He traded in his lack of freedom for a big backyard to run around in and a loving family who will always love and care for him!


Watch his journey in the video below:

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