Dog Almost Chokes After Plastic Bottle Gets Stuck In His Mouth, Vet Issues Warning

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20-year-old Boh Earnshaw woke up one morning to find her dog in extreme distress due to a discarded plastic bottle. Bodhi, her 11-month-old Schnoodle, was in pain and crying frantically as the bottle got sucked into his jaw like vacuum and wouldn’t come out.

Source: Boh Earnshaw/Facebook


Bodhi was beating himself up over his plight, screaming and hitting things to get the hurting bottle off his mouth. Boh ran to him and tried freeing him up, but the bottle was glued to his skin due to the suction which left no space to maneuver it out. In desperation, Boh took Bodhi and made an emergency run to the vet’s.

The vet was at his wit’s end as he tried to remove the stuck bottle. Eventually, he had to sedate Bodhi and saw the bottle out carefully. Bodhi’s mouth and jaw had painfully swollen during this ordeal. But he still smiled in relief when he realized that the wretched bottle was gone. The ve says he will be fine in a few days.

Source: Boh Earnshaw/Facebook


Boh has no idea how Bodhi got hold of the bottle overnight, but she wants to use her stressful experience to plead other pet parents to remove all empty bottles from their pet’s reach. Many dogs love to play with plastic bottles, so it is very important to supervise them while they pick up random things to pass their time. Do share this message with other pet-parents and help prevent any further such incidents.

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