Dog Activist Hears A Rumor & Investigates, Ends Up Discovering A Cruel Dog Farm

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A sled dog advocate and filmmaker Fern Levit was curious about what happened to the sled dogs during the summer seasons. She heard a nasty rumor, so she followed up on it and ended up on the private property of Chocpaw Expeditions that harbored these sled dogs.

Source: Animal Stories/YouTube


Fern was left shaken as she saw the terrifying situation of the sled dogs. About 200 sled dogs were kept outside in 100 degrees temperature, tethered to very short chains. They had makeshift shelters made out of plastic barrels, but the overheating plastic barely provided any protection from the scorching heat.

The dogs were pacing around in endless circles, growing crazy with the boredom and isolation. The sad truth is that this is very typical of the sled dogs industry. The dogs that pull tourists during winter just become storage stock during off-season. However, these dog farms ensure to feed the dogs and stay within the “legal” parameters.

Source: Animal Stories/YouTube


This video proves that these poor dogs live in the most terrifying and abusive conditions. Ever since this video found an audience, the fight for better welfare of sled dogs has gained momentum. We hope the authorities look into the plight of these poor, terrified dogs.

Click the video below to watch the inhuman conditions in which these sled dogs were kept on the farm.

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