Dog Was Abused And Burned Every Day, Feels The Comfort Of A Bed For The First Time

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‘Sidewalk Specials’ recently encountered one of their worst neglect cases in Wolseley, South Africa. One-year-old dog Angel’s life of extreme neglect and abuse was evident when she was found with mange and painful burn marks all over her body.

YouTube/Sidewalk Specials


Seeing the scared and severely malnourished dog, the rescuers had to force the owners to surrender her. Angel, who never experienced comfort in her life, was overwhelmed when a fluffy bed greeted her at the shelter for the first time. She adorably nestled herself in the covers.

As Angel’s healing process began, her shy and distrustful nature melted away, while she received love and care from people around her. Soon enough, she found a loving home, where she has two brothers, two cat companions, and a mother who dotes on her!

YouTube/Sidewalk Specials


In this heartwarming video, we see Angel’s amazing transformation just 2 months after being rescued. Her skin looks healed as she enjoys her outdoor adventures with her siblings. Our hearts feel alive seeing her prancing happily on the beach. Thank you Sidewalk Specials!

Click the video below to watch Angel’s incredible journey of recovery!

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