Dog Abandoned On Sidewalk, Now Looks Longingly At People With Sad & Lonely Eyes

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C.ruel things happen in this world everyday. For a sweet dog named Cindy Lou, her world was torn apart when she was abandoned on a sidewalk, with no means to fend for herself.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube


When rescuers from Hope For Paws came looking for Cindy, they were heartbroken to see her lying hopelessly on the sidewalk with the saddest eyes. She hung her head and walked away from the rescuers, as if she had resigned herself to this lonely life.

However, with gentle coaxing from the rescue team, Cindy realized that they were there to help her. She happily followed them to the rescue vehicle, and even enjoyed some belly rubs from her rescuers!

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube


Cindy’s sadness melted away as she realized that her days of hopeless abandonment were finally over! At the vet’s, Cindy received the necessary medical attention. She was then given a bath and a makeover to make up for the filthy days she spent on the street.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube


Today, Cindy is a cuddly ball of hugs and kisses in her foster home. She plays and leaps around like a happy pooch, and gets showered with infinite love from the humans around her. We hope she gets a loving forever home soon!

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