Desperate Dog Chases An Ambulance, Runs Out Of Breath As He Pleads EMTs For Help

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A homeless man had suffered from a seizure on the streets of Brazil. When the paramedics arrived, the man had collapsed, and so they rushed him to the ambulance. But, they never expected to find the most loyal dog following them on the way to the hospital.

YouTube/Otman Rebel


As the ambulance sped across the busy streets, the paramedics spotted a stray dog through the side-view mirror, chasing them desperately. The poor dog was running out of breath, but he refused to let the ambulance out of his sight.

Seeing that running through the traffic might be dangerous for the dog, the paramedics decided to stop the ambulance, and find a way to help the dog. The moment they stopped the ambulance, the dog jumped in, and ran to the homeless man. With sad eyes, he pleaded the medical team to help the man, who turned out to be the dog’s owner.

YouTube/Otman Rebel


The dog stood vigil as the man received his treatment in the hospital. The staff realized that the stray dog and the homeless man had formed the most devoted bond on those cruel streets. The dog’s amazing loyalty and unconditional love for his friend brought us to tears!

Click the video below to watch the worried street dog chase after the speeding ambulance with all his might!

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