Debonair Doodle Stole The Show As He Drove Down Aisle At His Humans’ Wedding

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Taylor Tremonte and her now husband, John Selser, consider their Goldendoodle, Frankie, as their kid. So when it was time to choose a ring bearer for their wedding, they knew their fluffy pup would be the best choice.

But Frankie wasn’t just any doggy ring bearer, he was the world’s most dapper doodle and rode down the aisle in style.


In the video below, you’ll see Frankie sporting a doggy tuxedo while ‘driving’ down the aisle in a tiny Lamborghini. The guests laughed and clapped as the Goldendoodle completely stole the spotlight from his humans.


Frankie was so well-behaved and sat still in the car, as a member of the wedding party used a remote control to steer it down the aisle toward the alter where his dad was there to greet him.


Taylor shared the adorable video on her Instagram, where she described her wedding as “perfect.” And we couldn’t disagree that their choice for ring bearer was as perfect as can be!

Watch the cuteness for yourself in the video below:

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