Dad Wakes Up To Dentures Missing And His Dog Is Sporting A New Smile

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Dogs steal the darndest things. Dog owners know that it’s best to keep things out of reach if you don’t want the dog to take them. Someone should have told Eunice and her father that dogs can be sneaky thieves.

Source: Twitter/eUniFiEd

Maggie the adorable little pooch loves to entertain her family. Her mom told The Dodo, “She loves to cuddle but is also a yapper at times. She’s very mischievous!”

Source: Twitter/eUniFiEd

The Long Island doggo decided to prove how mischievous she is when her owner went to take a nap a few months ago. The man took out his dentures and set them aside before heading off to sleep. When he woke up, the teeth were missing!

As the man went looking from room to room, they were nowhere to be found. That is, until he spotted Maggie. There she was, sporting a new set of teeth!

The man took photos and sent them to his daughter, who then shared them on Twitter. The Internet had a ball with these images, as you can imagine.

Source: Twitter/eUniFiEd

Her likeness to a Cheshire cat grin is undeniable. We are happy to report the teeth are back to their rightful owner, after they received a good scrubbing. Long may these hysterical photos live!

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