Dad Asks His Boxer, ‘Are You A Dog, Or Are You A Baby?’

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Many people consider their dogs their babies. We raise them and bring them up in many of the same ways and love them as if they are our own offspring. There’s an instant bond that lasts a lifetime, and we’d do anything for them. It’s also why we call them Man’s Best Friend. The connection between a human and their dog really is something special.

But this Boxer seems to have a strong opinion on the matter. It’s pretty evident when dad asks the question…

“Are you a dog, or are you a baby?” I think the answer to this is… both! ? While the Boxer takes offense to it, his adorable reaction only reinforces the question at hand. Just look at those big eyes and listen to those howls! Not to mention how he’s sitting on dad’s lap with his paws wrapped around his shoulders!

He may be big, and he may be furry, but he’s clearly the apple of dad’s eye. What a special relationship.

This dog knows he’s spoiled, and I love it! We need more dog owners like this in the world. You can tell the Boxer is loved and has a happy life, and that’s what every dog deserves!

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