D.isfigured Bulldog puppy is dumped by breeder, wonders if he’s lovable too

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Benjamin BigRig, a Bulldog puppy, was born with a cleft palate and had difficulty eating and breathing. His breeder reckoned that it would be a waste to rear him, so he dumped BigRig when he was just 5 weeks old.


Source: The Dodo/YouTube


When Road Dogs & Rescue workers found BigRig, they were impressed by his zest for life. They immediately brought him to a hospital where he had a 3-day stay to stabilize and breathe on his own.

Normally, pups like BigRig end up in the euthanasia chamber. But seeing BigRig’s feisty spirit and will to survive, the shelter decided to give him a chance at a better life. They found him a home with a foster mom and hoped for the best.


Source: The Dodo/YouTube


Within weeks, BigRig impressed everyone with his incredible growth spurt. He wasn’t just growing, he was blooming. He even found two elder canine sisters who would always look out for him!


Source: The Dodo/YouTube


Today, Benjamin BigRig, with his innumerable skin folds and cute eyes, is a happy little pup in his forever home. We are so thankful to Road Dogs & Rescue and BigRig’s foster mom for giving pups with disabilities a fair chance to thrive. We hope other disabled babies like BigRig also find their happy endings!

Click the video below to watch BigRig’s amazing growth and how he spreads smiles with his spunky charismatic personality!

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