The cute puppy always touch the belly of the pregnant owner to play with the baby in her belly

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Pets can teach children many skills in life, help children to be responsible, more confident and also a great friend of the baby.

Most kids love pets that they can touch, cuddle and play with them all day. Dog is a perfect loyal friend for fun needs. Remember that even if the dogs can be gentle, loyal to most domesticated animals, there are cases where the wild side of them may be stronger. After all, they still have very high animal instincts that can suddenly be shown even though they are well trained. You need to know what all children should avoid when playing with their family dog.

Early contact with domestic animals can help children develop better, even when the child is still in the womb. Dogs are also considered as baby animals. The dog in the clip below is a typical example. The dog always wrapped the owner as felt the little owner is present.

The lovely actions make many people smile. 

He does not seem to get out the bed. 

How can dogs know that their owner getting pregnant? Pets seem to have an innate sixth sense that helps them pick up on subtle energies—and dangers—that we can’t. Alhanna Butler and her fiancé, Ricky, of South Yorkshire, England, learned this first hand with their Akita Inu dog, Keola.

Any pet owner will tell you our furry little buddies can pick up on things humans can’t. They have an incredible sixth sense that allows them to detect certain energies and subtle emotions that seem to elude our five senses.

When an English woman named Alhanna Butler found out she was pregnant, she and her fiancé were both ecstatic—but she couldn’t say the same for the couple’s dog. Their Akita Inu began acting strange; she would poke and whine at Alhanna’s belly for hours at a time. At first, Alhanna ignored the pup’s strange behavior—until she realized the reason behind it.

In the eighteenth week of her pregnancy, however, Alhanna suddenly developed a sharp pain in her back. It was so strong that she could barely walk. Worried over what this could mean for their unborn child, Ricky rushed her to the hospital.

Oddly, the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. They told Alhanna she was suffering back pain because the weight of the baby was putting stress on her body. Alhanna believed them, and she went home.

As soon as Alhanna returned home, she logged in to Facebook and told her friends about her situation. Almost immediately, they told her to listen to Keola’s instincts. Even though the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, the dog was likely sensing a very real problem.

Alhanna’s mother finally persuaded her to go to the doctor for more tests. She was certain Keola’s behavior wasn’t a coincidence. Sure enough, after a series of examinations, Alhanna found out she had a double kidney infection—and she was actually close to death!

Therefore, dogs are not only important to children but also pregnant woman.

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