Cute Baby Pandas In Daycare Center Is Exactly What You Need To Brighten Your Day

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The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is easily the cutest place on the planet right now. It is a breeding center and a nursery specially dedicated towards replenishing the diminishing panda population in China.

Source: Go Chengdu/Facebook


There were only about 1200 pandas in the 1980s. They were on the “endangered” list for decades. However, due to the efforts of this facility, the panda population has flourished once again, and they have been taken-off the endangered species list.

This facility has a dedicated team of members working around the clock for the care and upkeep of the adorable baby pandas. They not only take care of the breeding, but also provide interactive activities for the visitors to teach people about pandas and their protection.

Source: Go Chengdu/Facebook


Their base itself is a sight for sore eyes. Apart from the ever-cute nursery, the place is brimming with the sight of pandas in every corner, some of them playing, while others walking, climbing, eating bamboo, or even sleeping on a tree!


Source: Go Chengdu/Facebook


The facility started with 6 pandas, but that number has increased multi-fold! In an age when humans have been rampantly destroying wildlife, it is a rare pleasure to see this heaven-like facility filled with happy pandas who roam free, without the shackles of captivity. This place is definitely on our list of must-visit places!

Click the video below to watch a group of pandas playing on the slide like the happiest babies ever!

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