Courageous Women Build Freedom Fences To Break Dogs Off Chains

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Sometimes the biggest ideas come from the smallest of moments. A group of women in one Georgia neighborhood got together one night. Their conversation led to the discussion of a dog that lived his life on a chain down the street.

Feeling bad for the animal, they knew they could do something about it. They purchased some supplies and started building an enclosure for the dog.

Source: 13 WMAZ News

“He’s a hot mess. We love Bobo. Him and his little picnic table,” Connie Wofford, an Off the Chain USA board member, told 13 WMAZ News.

For an older dog who lived his entire existence at the end of a chain, this newfound freedom was amazing.

Source: 13 WMAZ News

Off the Chain volunteered to build the fence for the dog at no charge. Not everyone is happy. Some owners call animal control. The group’s volunteers always ask first before they begin the building process.

Wofford says that sometimes people want them off the property. In this case, they usually leave a bag of food.

Source: 13 WMAZ News

One dog, an older pooch who had a super heavy chain around his neck for 10 years, was a recent recipient of a fence.

Wofford shared, “He wouldn’t even go in. When he did go in, he would slink. Because he was waiting for the weight of the chain to drop, which is sickening,” she said. “So, once he did get in there, he sees a toy, and instantaneously, everyone says aww.”

Source: Off the Chain/Facebook

The group consists of 90 percent women over the age of 30 and it takes about an hour to build the fence. Follow the project with Off the Chain USA on Facebook. Their goal is to have the state of Georgia pass anti-tethering laws.

Way to go, animal heroes!

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