Cop Hears Rustling In Dumpster- Out Pops One Of The Rarest Creatures On Earth

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James Butler, a retired West Virginia police officer, decided to take a stroll through a nearby park. He thought the day would be relaxing and quite ordinary but it turned into anything but…

Butler walked passed a Dumpster and heard strange sounds coming from within. Once a cop, always a cop– Butler had to investigate. What if something or someone was trapped inside?

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He opened the top of the bin and saw that a few raccoons were trapped inside. The Dumpster had been emptied recently and due to its low level, the animals weren’t able to reach the top to climb back out.

James Butler/Facebook

But then Butler saw the strangest thing!

James Butler/Facebook

Amid the group of adorable but ordinary Trash Pandas was a family of creatures Butler had never seen before! Butler was amazed to lay eyes on a family of albino raccoons.

How rare was a sight like this? VERY! According to the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife, only 1 in 750,000 raccoons inherits the gene for albinism.

Not only were these little guys rare, they were also stuck! So Butler had to think fast. He found a piece of wood to act as a plank. And soon, the raccoons were freed!

James Butler/Facebook

Butler, in awe of his findings, took several photos of the adorable creatures then contacted the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife. He wanted to tell them about his rare find.

James Butler/Facebook

Park officials, however, weren’t so thrilled. They had already known about the albino family. Fearing they would be hunted down or stolen to be kept as pets, they didn’t publically share anything about the unique raccoon family. But Butler innocently took photos and was prepared to share them with friends and family online.

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Once park officials explained the situation and out of respect for the unique animals, Butler promised not to share anything about their location on social media.

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The little guys were now safe and sound. Butler was thrilled to meet them and help free them from their precarious situation. Now he just had to keep his find a bit of a secret… do you think he did?

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