Cop Finds Puppies Freezing In Dumpster, Takes Off Coat To Keep Them Warm

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Indianapolis police officer Scott Charleswood was working Saturday night when he heard crying in a dumpster. When he looked inside, he found a litter of seven puppies that had been thrown out with the trash. He climbed into the dumpster to pull them out and took his heavy police jacket off, wrapped them up, and made sure they were safe and warm in the harsh winter temperatures.




Officer Charleswood then worked with Every Dog Counts Rescue to drop them off at a foster home, where the pups are now being cared for. They’re extremely young but are taking to bottle feeding very well. Both the rescue and the police department reached out on Facebook to thank Officer Charleswood for his hard work.

It’s one thing to take on the difficult job of protecting and serving all of the human citizens in such a large city, but going the extra step and helping out the animals is really impressive. Without Officer Charleswood’s assistance, these puppies would likely have frozen or starved to death in that dumpster. Now, they’re getting a chance to find forever homes!

Update 5/31/2019:

It’s been a long time since we’ve checked in on these pups – they were all given names at the rescue:  Zuma, Yumi, Tess, Skye, Harvey Sue, Marshall, and Chase! And we’re happy to report that they’ve all found happy homes! Their story earned them a lot of attention and applications poured in. Seven lucky families got to take a sweet pup home, and on their first birthday Every Dog Counts Rescue shared a photo showing how they’ve all grown – see the side-by-side photos below!

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