Company Makes Slippers That Look Just Like Your Pet- They’re So Realistic Dogs Get Jealous

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Our pets are undoubtedly our world. We worship them almost as much as they worship us. Walk into a typical dog owner’s house and you’ll see baskets of dog toys, plush beds and framed photos capturing their dog’s best poses.

We are proud of our pets and we love to show them off. This company totally gets that. While their approach, to some, may seem a little extra, we think it’s perfect. Cuddle Clones, the company who makes fabulous products that look identical to your own pet, has just introduced their ‘plush slippers’ and we are totally in love.

The product, although a bit pricey, is 100% worth it. After they receive your order, they take 8 weeks to make. The results are so adorable, and the resemblance is so uncanny, that your own pet will likely get confused (and possibly a bit jealous).

Take a look at some happy customers and their slippers. They’re like little foot clones!






via Cuddle Clones








via Cuddle Clones

And for cat lovers:


They’re so fluffy, we’re gonna die!



Cuddle Clones also makes plushies that look just like your pet (so if they aren’t in the mood to cuddle, you have a substitute!) 

via Cuddle Clones

And purses so you can bring your pet EVERYWHERE you go!

via Cuddle Clones

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