City Deems Dog ‘Mean,’ Locks Her Up For 4 Years With Just A Bowl To Play With

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Imagine your dog nips at someone and suddenly, your dog is taken away from you. Although you are told you will get the dog back after 10 days, almost five years goes by. Only then, after the dog has been isolated with nothing to play with except a food bowl, are you finally reunited. It sounds like a nightmare, but it’s reality. This is exactly what happened to Rose the dog and her owner, Glorianne Lagnese.

Source: Facebook/Justice for Rose

Sweet Rose was adopted from a Connecticut shelter in 2013. The black dog had a hard time getting adopted due to her color. Lagnese told The Dodo, “She had no confidence in herself. Sometimes she’d hear a noise in the house and she’d run away and hide.”

Source: Facebook/Justice for Rose

As time went on, Rose was adapting and adjusting, but then things changed in an instant. Someone broke into Lagnese’s house and let all her dogs loose. Rose ended up nipping at two people because she was scared. No one was hurt, but neighbors called police. They told her the dog had to be sheltered for 10 days. After the time had passed, officials told Lagnese that Rose had to be euthanized for being deemed a ‘vicious dog.’

Source: Facebook/Justice for Rose

Lagnese was devastated but fought back with an attorney from the Lexus Project, which helps d.eath row dogs. The attorney took the case pro bono. In the meantime, the dog spent her days and nights locked up, with no toys to play with, no interactions, and only a bowl in her cage to flip around. Lagnese and her husband were not allowed to get close to the dog either.

Source: Facebook/Justice for Rose

Sadly, it took 4-1/2 years for Rose to get out of the pound. Lagnese had to give up her rights to Rose in order for this to happen. The dog was taken to Furry Friends Roster and Rescue, run by a friend of the family. Rose is being fostered by Allen Szykula, a professional dog trainer, so the courts are happy.

Rose is 7 years old now, doing well, and she will eventually be put up for adoption. We are grateful that people did not give up on this sweet dog and that she is getting her happy ending. Let’s celebrate Rose’s freedom!

Source: The Dodo/Allen Szykula

See Rose with just her water bowl in the video below. We are so happy she’s no longer all alone in a cage!

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