Chris Evans Plays Real Life Superhero To Rescue Dog After Their Emotional First Meet

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When Chris Evans is not saving the world as Captain America, he loves playing the superhero to his adorable shelter dog named Dodger. Chris recently shared a video of his first meeting with Dodger, and it made us tear up!

Source: @ChrisEvans/Twitter


Chris met Dodger during the final shoot of one of his films. He was curious as to whether the dogs on the set were “actor” dogs or actual “up-for-adoption” dogs. He unassumingly walked into the shelter and found Dodger, a cute Yorkie-Cairn-Terrier mix, staring at him with hopeful eyes.

Dodger jumped excitedly from behind the gate of his kennel, begging Chris for some love. That very moment, Chris knew that he had to take the adorable baby home! He feels that it was Dodger who chose him, and not the other way around.

Source: @ChrisEvans/Twitter


Today, Dodger and Chris are an inseparable duo. He still acts like a little puppy, and is always up for games with Chris. No wonder Dodger is Chris’ favorite exercise buddy! Dodger prefers to cuddle with his dad, as it allows him to lick Dad’s face first thing when he wakes up!

Source: @ChrisEvans/Twitter


It is really admirable to see celebrities like Chris walk the adopt-don’t-shop route. His sicoal media is filled with adorable pictures of Dodger and him, and it really is the sweetest dog-dad bond we’ve ever seen!

Click the video below to watch Chris’ emotional first meeting with Dodger at the shelter!

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