Chihuahua Nurses Sick Dog Back To Health, Heartbroken When They Take Him away

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Jefe the Chihuahua and Jericho the German Shepherd seem like an unlikely pair to form a friendship, yet it is their unconditional bond of love that has helped them survive all this time. Jericho was sick, malnourished, and tick-infested, but Jefe begged him to fight for life every day.

Source: Arizona Humane Society/Facebook


When they were found by the rescuers of Arizona Humane Society, Jefe was earnestly lying on top of Jericho to keep him warm. Seeing that Jericho’s condition was severe, the volunteers arranged for him to be transported to the hospital immediately.

When the ambulance took Jericho away, poor Jefe broke down in helplessness. He had no idea why Jericho was being taken away from him. He kept wailing and screaming, begging the rescuers to take him to his best friend. The rescuers realized that there was no way Jefe and Jericho could be kept apart.

Source: Arizona Humane Society/Facebook


At the hospital, Jericho was also found to have a bad case of valley fever. Jefe constantly stood by Jericho during his treatment, nursing him with love and care. Meanwhile, the shelter has waived their adoption fees, and have put them up for adoption as a package deal. We hope Jericho gets well soon and they both get adopted soon!

Source: Arizona Humane Society


Update: Many potential adopters were overwhelmed with the idea of homing a Chihuahua and a German Shepherd together. After several months, the pair finally found their forever home with a lovely family. We hope they never go through the trauma of separation again. What a transcending bond of love!

Click the video below to watch Jefe’s and Jericho’s endearing moments of friendship!

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