This Caring Female Dog Broke Out Of Her Kennel To Comfort Two Scared Little Foster Puppies

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Dog lovers everywhere are gushing over a video uploaded to the internet of a caring female dog sneaking out of her kennel to go and comfort two small puppies a few kennels over.

The footage captured by Barker’s Pet Motel & Grooming‘s security camera’s shows a gorgeous, mature Australian Shepherd-mixed dog sneaking out of her kennel to go sit in front of the one that she heard the puppies crying out from.

Located in Alberta, Canada, the facility acts as a boarding house for dogs whose humans have gone on vacation, but it also doubles as a foster shelter for dogs who haven’t met their forever families just yet.

Source: Pixabay

The compassionate dog in the video’s name is Maggie, and her parents had dropped her off for a stay at the Pet Motel when they had to leave town for a little while and couldn’t take their sweet girl with them.

As it turns out, ABC News reports that Maggie was herself a mom at one time, giving birth to a litter in a humane society before she found her forever family.

All of the loving dog’s pups were adopted out before Maggie had left the shelter, but apparently, her maternal instincts never faded.

That is why Alex Aldred thinks that Maggie had such a strong reaction to the puppies’ cries.

“We think that’s why she got so attached to the puppies. We’ve never really seen it before, where a dog sneaks out to some puppies and is so excited to see them.”

The two puppies that were crying that night, who were only between 9 and 10 weeks old, had just arrived at the Pet Motel as foster dogs and were terrified by their lonely new surroundings…until Maggie stepped in.

Source: Youtube screenshot/The Dodo

As soon as Maggie heard the puppies scared whining, she broke free from her kennel to race up an down the row of others until she found the puppies.

When the former mom dog realized that while she was able to get out of her own kennel, getting into the one that held the puppies wasn’t as simple, she decided to lay down on the floor in front of their kennel to give them what comfort she could by letting them know that they weren’t stuck in there alone.

Little did Maggie know, though, that she had done all she needed to do to become united with the terrified puppies.

She just had to wait for a little while.

When a family leaves their pets with Barker’s Pet Motel & Grooming, they can rest assured knowing they are in one of the safest places their pets could ever be.

The facility not only makes sure to give their dog visitors plenty of playtime and affection, as well as a warm comfy bed but even when the staff has locked up and all gone home for the night, the dogs still have attentive eyes on them throughout their stay.

The security cameras at the Pet Motel are live and when Aldred and his mother Sandy were watching them from home, they saw Maggie had escaped and was frantically running up and down the aisle before laying down in front of the pups’ kennel.

“We left work and then we were watching the surveillance cameras while we were out and we saw Maggie was sitting in front of the puppies’ kennels” said Aldred to ABC News.

Source: CBC News

When Sandy realized that Maggie had escaped her kennel, she went back to the facility to see what was going on.

Aldred explains that after she arrived, Sandy didn’t have to do any investigating into the matter because Maggie was determined to show her exactly what she wanted.

“She kind of directed Sandy to the puppies’ kennel so Sandy let her in and she was being really affectionate.”

Aldred tells how his mother let Maggie into the puppies’ kennel to console them for a few minutes before deciding that the best way to care for these doggies was to allow them to stay the night with each other.

“Sandy stayed in their for about 15 minutes and then said, ‘Well it looks like they need each other,’ and then let Maggie stay the night in their kennel.”

Source: Facebook/Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming

The next morning it was apparent to Alex Aldred and his mother Sandy that leaving Maggie in the kennel with the puppies overnight had been the right decision.

Aldred said that he believes the sweet, compassionate and caring dog that Maggie is made her long to be with the adorable puppies just as much as they needed to be with her because they were all still clinging to each other the following morning.

“When we came back in the morning they were all still cuddled up together.”

Maggie’s determination to mother these foster pups when they needed it the most just proves that there is no love quite like puppy love!

Check out the video below to watch this amazing dog pull a Houdini and escape from her cage to comfort these scared pups!


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