Caretaker Dumps Mastiff Belonging to Deployed Military Member At Animal Shelter

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If only dogs could talk, a pooch named Wade could tell workers at the Hernando County Animal Shelter in Florida exactly who his owner is. The strange story involves a one-year-old Mastiff named Wade, a caregiver, and a missing military member.

“Wade was brought in by a person who said they found him as a stray,” sharedJames Terry, director of Hernando County Animal Services.

Source: ABC Action News

However, a microchip was found in the dog which identified him belonging to someone believed to be on military deployment.

Despite efforts to find Wade’s owner, volunteers are coming up emptyhanded. The dog remains in the care of animal services, but his time at the shelter is running out.

No one has been able to find the owner, what is really happening, and they even reached out to the Red Cross to locate the man.

Source: ABC Action News

The shelter boasts a 95% adoption placement rate, but they do euthanize dogs from time to time due to space constraints.

“He’s playful and doesn’t realize how big he is. He needs someone who’s got space for him to run and play.” volunteer Joe Destro told ABC Action News.


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