Car Crash K.ills Her Mom & Scared Dog Runs Away, Daughter Begs For Help To Find Him

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Samantha, a 21-year-old college student, was returning from a family trip with her mother, Jennifer Orr, and her 1-year-old Goldendoodle pup named Bentley. They were driving outside Buena Vista, Colorado, when the car crashed as Jennifer tried to swerve around rock.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube


Within seconds, the car tumbled down the rocky terrain. Jennifer succumbed to her injuries while Samantha was airlifted to the nearest hospital. Amidst the chaos, Bentley shivered in panic and ran off into the nearby hills.

When Samantha recovered, she was inconsolable as her new reality sunk in. She was devastated by her mom’s d.eath, and didn’t want to lose Bentley too. So she set up a Facebook page called “Bring Bentley Home” and posted ads to find Bentley.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube


Soon, a man named Joseph Strattman reached out to Samantha, claiming that he had seen Bentley several times in the stony hills. He had been leaving food for the pup. After 19 long days, Samantha was finally filled with some hope to see her pup again.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube


She arrived at the Colorado hills to look for Bentley. After some search, she finally found him. He was in a matted and skinny state. He was still in shock and hesitant to greet her. However, the moment Samantha called out his name, he came running to her familiar voice in an instant!

Source: Bring Bentley Home/Facebook


Back at home, Bentley’s matted fur was shaved off. Samantha and Bentley miss their mother beyond measure, but they are helping each other cope with their loss. We hope Samantha and Bentley find strength in each other during this difficult period.

Click the video below to watch Samantha and Bentley’s tear-jerking reunion after 19 days!

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