Calm Dog Doesn’t Move A Muscle So Butterfly Can Say Hi, And Stay A While

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A butterfly is emblematic of so many different concepts and themes! Just think of what a butterfly is for a moment. It starts as a caterpillar, then creates a cocoon and shuts itself out of the world in a white shiny chrysalis suspended upside down from a twig. After some time has passed, it emerges transformed into something totally different. A totally enhanced version of its former self! These delicate, beautiful creatures are a symbol and reminder of the different phases of life: metamorphosis, playfulness, and rebirth, to name a few.

So when we have the opportunity to come in contact with one, it’s a really great thing! The butterfly appears as a gift and tends to gravitate towards gentle souls.

Hanging out on the driveway, Spicy the Golden Retriever was spending a little downtime by herself. Still, and calm, she sat there patiently, when a little, fluttering friend came by for a visit. While Spicy is no blooming flower, nor does she have any nectar to share, it seems as though this butterfly wanted nothing more than to drop in and say hi – on Spicy’s nose!

The dog doesn’t flinch, budge or bark. She is stoic and open to having this strange flying creature perch on her nose. In fact, she seems pretty happy about it! Her mouth is slightly open so she doesn’t have to breathe through her nose and scare away the butterfly. The dog just blinks her eyes, and quietly looks into the camera, patient and very zen.

The butterfly flaps its wings, then visits the dog’s upper leg to hang out there for a minute. Spicy is panting at this point but still doesn’t move a muscle. The winged insect makes its way back up to the dog’s nose and sits there, connecting with the dog. The whole encounter is so random but heartwarming. It’s not every day a butterfly appears and hangs around for so long! And on a dog? Rarely!

Seems to me, however, that Spicy really enjoys it. She doesn’t seem fussed or weirded out that she was chosen by the butterfly to be friends! An unlikely friendship, but a friendship nonetheless. Now, if only the butterfly could play fetch with the pup!

Click below to watch this adorable moment between a very chilled out dog and a curious little butterfly. This sounds like something out of a children’s book!

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  • September 6, 2018 at 5:53 am

    Yep, that is cute.


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