A.busers R.ip Off All 4 Of Dog’s Paws, Becomes First Dog With 4 Prosthetic Limbs

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Da Hei, a Siberian Husky, was dumped at a vet’s clinic in China in the most dreadful condition. Dr. Liu found that all 4 of Da Hei’s paws were brutally torn-off on purpose. He quickly amputated the dead skin and rotting bones to prevent any infection from spreading.

Source: CCTV English/YouTube


Da Hei’s a.busers had long fled the scene, but his pain and helplessness persisted. Dr. Liu couldn’t bear to see the poor pooch live in misery all his life, so he resolved to help Da Hei get back on his feet. After a lot of thinking, Dr. Liu decided to get Da Hei prosthetic feet!

Dr. Liu contacted a Beijing-based prosthetic company to help get Da Hei’s 4 prosthetic limbs. Something like this had never been done in the country before, so the company had to dig deep and pull out all stops. With their combined efforts, Da Hei became the first dog in China to receive 4 prosthetic limbs!

Source: CCTV English/YouTube


In this video, we see Da Hei learn to walk again on his prosthetic feet. His initial days were painful as the prosthetics weren’t adjusted right. But with continued adjustments, Da Hei was able to beat the odds and move around without any difficulty!

Source: CCTV English/YouTube


Da Hei may never walk freely like a normal dog, but regaining his mobility is nothing less than a miracle for him. Dr. Liu had become so attached to Da Hei that he decided to adopt Da Hei himself and help him lead a better life. We are so proud of Da Hei and Dr. Liu’s inspiring journey!

Click the video below to watch Dr. Liu help Da Hei overcome his struggles with the help of prosthetic limbs!

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